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CZ 75/85 9mm - 16 Rounds - Blue - Full View
CZ - 75/85 9mm - 16 Rounds...
CZ 9MM 16 Rd Blue for the CZ 75/85

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Carl Walther GmbH, or simply Walther, is a German arms manufacturer. For more than 100 years, Walther has made major breakthroughs in the development of pistols. Some are iconic, like the PPK, the P99 – both pistols carried by the fictional character James Bond – and the P38, the standard-issue sidearm of the German military in World War II.

The PP models were the first mass-produced pistols with stamped parts, but the overall increase in dependability and high quality of production with lower relative manufacturing costs made them the best option to replace the P-08 Luger. In 1938 the German Reich awarded the contract for that replacement to Walther for the 9mm P38 with a weight of 960g.