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Remington - Model 597 .22 LR - 30 Round - Black - Full View
Remington - Model 597 .22...
Model 597™ 30-Round Magazine Clip - .22 LR,...

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Fire StartersThere are 4 products.

A fire striker (or fire steel) is a piece of high carbon or alloyed steel from which sparks are struck by the sharp edge of chert or similar rock. Modern fire strikers, commonly called "artificial flints", are made from ferrocerium alloys.

Besides using flint with the steel, many other hard, non-porous rocks can be used, that can take a sharp edge, such as chert, jasper or chalcedony.

The sharp edge of the flint is used to strike the fire steel at an acute angle. With practice, small pieces of steel are shaved off the fire steel. The friction of shaving the steel off the fire steel and the pyrophoricity of the steel heats the pieces to a molten state.

Charcloth or amadou ("tinder fungus") is sometimes used as tinder with flint and steel to catch the low-temperature sparks, which can then can be brought to other tinder and blown into flame. However many woodsmen of previous centuries had to do without charred cloth or fire fungus and kept charred plant material in their tinderboxes.